Is my second HomeHub5 dead?


I got a second HomeHub5 and it seems to be dead after I soldered the wires for the serial console.

I am using a RaspberryPi 2B+ since it has UART on board.
I disabled the Linux console output so picocom can use /dev/ttyAMA0.
When I power the HomeHub the LEDs flash once. I do not see anything in picocom. I tried switching TX an RX but also nothing.

I don't remember what I used to converted my first HomeHub to OpenWRT but the RaspberryPis UART should be fine right?

I don't know what to do now so any help would be awesome.

If you disconnect the cables from the Pi, does the HH5A boot up normally into stock BT firmware?

Nope. The LEDs flash once as soon as I power the HomeHub. Nothing else happens.

Sounds like there is indeed damage to the circuit board if stock BT firmware will no longer boot.

Even if the hub was damaged and 'stuck in cfg 04 mode' due to misuse of BSEL2 pin, I would have thought you'd get some console output to report the 'cfg 04' message.

I do recall some Pi owners couldn't get console to work with HH5A in the past - reason unknown.

fwiw, a PL2303 serial-TTL adapter is guaranteed to work.
link to ebilan forum

My µART should arrive in the "near future" so I will wait for that.
But I think I have a BeagleBone Black somewhere.
I will update this post when I got the chance to test with the BBB.

@hollymolly334 Does your Pi's serial port ping back to itself? A simple test is to connect the Pi's Tx and Rx leads together (GPIO14 /pin 8 and GPIO15/pin 10); then you will see characters typed on the keyboard echoed back on the Pi's console. Also check /boot/config.txt has enable_uart=1 and file /dev/serial0 exists.