Is my Netgear WAX202 a bottleneck?

My ISP (Digi Spain) gives me theoretically 300Mb/s. I have a Netgear WAX202 acting as PPPOE router, I have tried same setup with a Intel NUC x86 (pretty old) with pfsense also acting as PPPOE router.

The numbers look quite odd to me
NUC pfsense 285.1Mb/s Down 53.8Mb/s Up
Netgear WAX202 100.6Mb/s Down 239.9Mb/s Up

FW version used in WAX202 is OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r20621-b21ddbfa18

It is not my goal to challenge one project over the other, just want to understand the numbers a little bit as they look weird for me that one device matches download bandwith while the other matches upload.

PPPoE requires CPU power, what does htop say during usage of the 202 ?

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Is Flow Offloading enabled?


which intel CPU generation is the NUK?

for better comparability: is it the same kernel? could you try a test of the same OpenWRT installation on the NUK?

it seems to be that, when there is some traffic, even performing a speedtest, the htop shows how at least 1 of the 4 CPUs go up to 100% and keeps on 100% until the download test goes down. For upload test one CPU remain close to 90%.

It was disabled! Now that I had enabled it the performance is waaay better
After enabling SW and HW acceleration this are the numbers:
296.9Mb/s Down 305.8Mb/s Up
CPU now is always around 2% regardless of the traffic requested

Now it beats the NUC with pfsense :slight_smile:

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I'm glad that worked for you!

(Here's more info on why it works: - it works for more than UDP, just the name of the Wiki and what it was first designed for. The WAX202 has capable hardware.)

BTW, the current version of OpenWrt is available for your device.

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yes, I've been procastinating with the upgrade, this scares me a little bit.

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