Is my Linksys WRT32X beyond repair?

The boot log includes the phrase DRAM initialization failed! - which sounds pretty terminal

There's other failures as well, however they seem to match "fails" in the OEM Bootlog

Note: this was running OpenWRT 19.07.8

Also, no lights (brief flicker on power up)

here is the boot log

BootROM - 1.73
Booting from NAND flash

General initialization - Version: 1.0.0
AVS selection from EFUSE disabled (Skip reading EFUSE values)
mvSysEnvIsFlavourReduced: TWSI Read of 'flavor' failed
Detected Device ID 6820
High speed PHY - Version: 2.0

Init RD NAS topology Serdes Lane 3 is USB3
Serdes Lane 4 is SGMII
board SerDes lanes topology details:
 | Lane # | Speed|    Type     |
 |   0    |  6   |  SATA0      |
 |   1    |  5   |  PCIe0      |
 |   2    |  6   |  SATA1      |
 |   3    |  5   |  USB3 HOST1 |
 |   4    |  5   |  PCIe1      |
 |   5    |  0   |  SGMII2     |
:** Link is Gen1, check the EP capability 
PCIe, Idx 0: Link upgraded to Gen2 based on client cpabilities 
:** Link is Gen1, check the EP capability 
PCIe, Idx 1: remains Gen1
High speed PHY - Ended Successfully
DDR3 Training Sequence - Ver TIP-1.46.0
mvSysEnvGetTopologyUpdateInfo: TWSI Read failed
WL Supp: IF 0 busId 1 Failed !
WL Supp CS# 0: IF 0 failed
ddr3TipDynamicWriteLevelingSupp TF failure CS #0
Title: I/F# , Tj,CalibrationN0,CalibrationP0,CalibrationN1,CalibrationP1,CalibrationN2,CalibrationP2,CS0 , 
VWTx,VWRx,WL_tot,WL_ADLL,WL_PH,RL_Tot,RL_ADLL,RL_PH,RL_Smp,CenTx,CenRx,Vref,DQVref,             PBSTx-Pad0,PBSTx-Pad1,PBSTx-Pad2,PBSTx-P,
Data: 0,36,16,12,15,13,20,20,CS0 , 
0,25,28,28,0,927,31,0,14,36,13,4,0,             5,4,1,2,2,2,0,4,1,0,0,          17,17,12,12,3,3,11,17,12,10,0,
0,20,76,12,2,915,19,0,14,20,9,4,0,              3,3,0,4,2,2,2,5,3,1,0,          11,12,11,11,1,1,10,10,12,10,0,
0,21,14,14,0,917,21,0,14,17,10,4,0,             2,3,3,3,2,2,0,4,5,4,0,          11,15,11,12,2,2,10,12,11,13,0,
0,23,25,25,0,930,2,1,14,33,11,4,0,              0,0,1,0,1,1,0,3,0,1,0,          14,14,12,10,4,4,14,18,12,12,0,

********   DRAM initialization Failed (res 0x1)   ********
DDR3 run algorithm - FAILED 0x1
DDR3 Training Sequence - FAILED

 **********          DRAM initialization failed!   ********

It's served me well for a few years - I'd hate to have to throw it out (despite the bad rap it gets for its wi-fi issues)

Given that you have already opened the device to gather the serial log, take a good look at the capacitors on the board (check for leakage, bulging caps, etc.) - another easy test would be trying a different (matching) power supply (and/ or measuring its voltage under load). If neither of these steps help, the situation probably won't look good (trying kwboot recovery might be a last hope attempt, hoping that you'd 'just' have an issue with the installed bootloader).

Already tried that - the upload fails at about 9-10% - I read somewhere else similar issue on a WRT1900AC - kboot basically does the same as in that thread -

However, that seems to have gone unresolved

There's no obvious bad caps or any damage at all

I decided it was beyond repair, so investigated rather more brutally - i.e. pried off the heatsinks etc

There wasn't any obvious damage, however there did seem to be some moisture under the heatsinks

I'm declaring it router del muerto

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