Is multi segmented web possible with OpenWrt?

Is it possible to connect all wifi rourers of all my neighbours so we can have our own web without any provider?

Can't have the "web" without a provider.

Probably would be a violation of the terms of service for whoever is paying the ISP.

It's going to be an intranet, if you don't use any providers.

:laughing: Are you living in North Korea? The point I cannot be connected to my neighbour is nonsense to me. No offence. BTW. We don't use any provider.

Yes, I know. The question is it possible or not? Can routers be connected in chain, not in one single point (hot spot)? Or should it be a mesh system? Which routers are suitable for such net?

depends on what you're trying to achieve, doesn't it ?

most routers are capable of it, but three radio devices might be more suitable.

one radio for uplink, two radios for retransmitting locally, one of them also used by the next
device to connect to.

have a look at Linksys EA8300 and the ASUS Lyra MAP-AC2200.

It is very possible. Circa 2002 we started creating Wireless Metropolitan Networks.
I was using mostly the Ubiquity RS-Pro with 3 wifi interfaces and also one Ubiquiti Bullet as a bridge from the lan ports.

Mesh will reduce the throughput. I was using point to point links and an access point locally.

Depends on the budget and the expectations.
You can get a simple router, use its wifi locally, and extend to other neighbours with bridges.