Is motioneye supported anymore

I tried to follow some guide for installin motion & motioneye on my OpenWRT 23.05.0-rc2. It seems that motioneye is dependent on python2, while OpenWRT has moved over to python3.

What is the setup of choice for open-source controlling of IP camera streams on OpenWRT? Is it still motion and motioneye? What is the way to go about this?

…Maybe OpenWRT team might need to start an AITA-post at reddit: „AITA, for now longer maintaining a package for an outdated video software, though people still like it?“ :laughing:

According to the motion project homepage, motion/motioneye development is python2 based and was neglected for months/years now, as the main (non-funded) developer had moved on in life.
The project now got handed over to a different repo and different team, and the project team is now both porting to python 3 and trying to keep up with reality. And currently it lacks an end user usable app code for a current OS and python 3.

Unfortunately such is life of free software: volunteers, lack of funding, basically hobby projects, non-synced distributed development teams and occasional abandonement of code plus hard cuts of outdated stuff, to be able to move on. And everyone is primarily engaging in areas, where the own personal and fun interests are.

But from your perspective it also sounds like some good news: the project seems not dead, it is just not available at the moment for recent kernels/pythons. Why not use a cheap separate device with older installment as an intermediate solution in the meantime?