Is Mi Router 3 (mir3) supported?

During my search, I found this thread but it seems to be not supported yet.
So Mi Router 3 already supported?

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My quick search didn't locate your model.


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It is supported, but a bit tricky to get OpenWrt installed:

Where on can I download an official OpenWrt image?

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And check this forum discussion: Xiaomi mi wifi 3 support

I had backed up up an old version, back when the Mi3 was actively being tested (and had precompiled OpenWRT images, just not stable), if I can find it, I'll upload it if you wish.

OK, so since there is no official OpenWrt firmware image available, I would call this device "unsupported", or in best case "externally supported".

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I'd call it "abandoned", from the looks of things.
Back when I had downloaded the image, It was officially supported, just not ready for day-to-day usage (instability with newer kernels caused issues).
I had read the GitHub conversations back then.

Update: Interesting, it looks like LibreMesh supports the Mi 3 (this is the first time I had heard of them).

It looks like there is a new(?) X-Wrt from the chinese community, one that contributes to OpenWrt (at least they are active on GitHub).
I have yet to ask about them.
However they support the Xiaomi Mi 3, and it runs very well on X-Wrt.
PandoraBox, by the way, looks to have dropped support for it a few months ago, and the latest available image for it (I think 18.10, but I forget) is rather unstable.