Is LUCI supposed to be availabe out-of-the-box in OpenWrt v18.06.5?

Is the OpenWrt v18.06.5, r7897-9d401013fc on the Netgear R7800 supposed to have LUCI preconfigured and available to LAN hosts out-of-the-box ?

I am asking, because to get it working, I had to do:

uci add_list uhttpd.main.listen_http=""
uci commit uhttpd

/etc/init.d/uhttpd restart

That's the same for every device, in release builds (such as your 18.06.5), yes. In the sense of list listen_http and list listen_http [::]:80 --> listening on any IPv4 and any IPv6 address, requests from WAN are rejected by the firwall configuration.

On snapshot builds, no - indirectly, as no luci/ uhttpd are installed in the first place.

So do you have any idea why listen_http was in /etc/config/uhttpd but it did not work from the LAN side "out of the box" ?

Did you sysupgrade from 18.06.4?

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No, I installed fresh by TFTP over the OEM firmware.

As of today, the uhttpd still does not start after rebooting unless I manually do:
/etc/init.d/uhttpd restart

I just discovered that the problem with the LuCI's HTTP server not answering on the LAN interface after reboot and until uhttpd is restarted, only occurs when I try to connect to LuCI's httpd service from hosts outside of the LAN network / 24. For example from:

I have the LAN interface of the router configured as / 16.
Note, that the 16-bit mask makes the host reachable from the router ...and as a confirmation of this, I can connect via SSH from to that router at, without any problems.

Why does the HTTP server have a problem replying to but the SSH server does not ?

The problem disappears after I restart the uhttpd service with:

/etc/init.d/uhttpd restart

...Note, that before and after that restart, I can see the following process running with identical parameters, except for the process id.

/usr/sbin/uhttpd -f -h /www -r OpenWrt -x /cgi-bin -t 60 -T 30 -k 20 -A 1 -n 3 -N 100 -R -p -p [::]:80

So it isn't like httpd was not running at all before the restart or was running with different parameters.

I've just run into this same issue. I've modified /etc/config/uhttpd to bind the web server to only my local LAN IP.

        list listen_http

"ps" shows it's running:

937 root 1320 S /usr/sbin/uhttpd -f -h /www -r OpenWrt -x /cgi-bin -t 60 -T 30 -k 20 -A 1 -n 3 -N 100 -R -p -p [::]:80

...but the web server is unresponsive unless I restart it. Strange...

Edit: Found a fix. I've commented out the IPv6 lines:

 list listen_http        [::]:80
 list listen_http        [::]:443

...and it comes up just fine now.