Is LuCI 19.07 stable version and can it be used along with OpenWRT 18.06.02 stable version?

We are planning to use the latest LuCi 19.07 available under

along with the stable version of the OpenWRT 18.06.02.

Is the LuCi 19.07 stable and can this be used along with OpenWRT 18.06.02?

From the repo,, we see that the LuCi folder structure of luci 19.07 branch is completely different compared to that of the branch 18.06

We also notice that the luci190.07 has got new modules -

"luci-mod-system", "luci-mod-status" & "luci-mod-network"

which are not present in Luci 18.06

why is the change in the directory structure?

We need to understand the pros and cons of using it this way and can we continue the same without any interop issues.

No, you can't mix binaries between different releases or release branches (aside from few exceptions and/ or pure luck).

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@slh Thanks for your response We are using the complete LuCi package 19.07 on OpenWRT base 18.06.02.

With LuCi being distributed as a separate package, Can you help me with the relation between the base packages and the Luci packages?

Also, it would be great to get some information on the Directory structure changes.

That is not supported.

LuCI 18.06 branch should be used with the OpenWrt 18.06.x firmwares.
LuCI 19.07 branch should be used with the OpenWrt 19.07 branch binaries.

Feel free to browse the source repo. The commit logs indicate the changes done. Some of the changes are pure inside LuCI reorganisation, while some changes reflect changes in the OpenWrt packages supporting LuCI (like rpc, ubus, uci, uhttpd etc.)

With trying to mix a different LuCI branch and different main OpenWrt branch, you are on your own.

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