Is it preferred to put the r7000 image on an r6700 router?


I recently picked up an r6700 Netgear router. According to a variety of places, the r7000 and the r6700 are practically identical. I think the main difference is the r7000 has two usb ports whereas the 6700 has just one. I noticed there is an r7000 Lede build. Am I able to put the r7000 build onto the r6700?

Quite unlikely, at least the board ID is very likely to be different - which should prevent you from installing it from the vendor firmware.

While there certainly is a chance that you might only need to apply minor changes to support your r6700, those will have to be confirmed and done at the source level, everything else would be russian roulette. That said, both wireless cards won't be supported - and that's very unlikely to change (probably never).

Thank you for your reply. I'm curious... what is it about the wireless cards that mean it won't be supported ever? During my googling, I noticed that dd-wrt has an image for this router. I don't know if the two projects are related/contribute to each other in any way. Do you think that could mean a better chance for Lede to have an image for this router?

Just an fyi - the board id for the r6700: U12H270T10_NETGEAR
R7000 Board ID: U12H270T00_NETGEAR

Doesn't the R7000 have Broadcom wireless? I believe DD-Wrt has NDAs in place with Broadcom, which enables them to use more recent kernels and binary blobs. That being said, the 'open source' Broadcom AC driver is almost a binary blob itself, most stuff being handled in firmware.

According to the wifi chip is a broadcom BCM4360 which is the same as the R7000.

I also have a R6700 which I've been running DD-WRT on for a long time. I've heard indicate the DD-WRT images for R7000 would work for R6700...but I've been too chicken to try it myself.

Well, it looks like I can't wait anymore. I just confirmed my router has the stock firmware bug that lets someone have their way with it. I'll be moving to DDWRT until OpenWRT/Lede have an image for it.

You should just try it if anything, there's really no permanent harm as you can recover the router via TFTP. Then again, something like this is usually not recommended. Taking this quote from the DD-WRT installation wiki "Ensure you are using the correct version of the firmware " No need to break rules even if you think its ok, but thats just to be safe.

I just wanted to report back that I've had ddwrt running on my r6700 for about a month with no issues. Also, someone posted in their forum a way to convert the boardid of the r6700 to the r7000. They were able to load stock Netgear r7000 firmware without issue as well as the ddwrt r7000 image. I assume that after doing this, the lede r7000 image would also work. We'll see if I get up the nerve to try it. :slight_smile:

Here is a link to the forum thread that tells how to convert the board id: