Is it possible to support TP-Link RE-200 version 4?

Dear Developers,
I have a TP-Link RE-200 version 4 range extender.
It has 64 MB Ram and 8 MB Flash. I already extracted the OEM firmware with binwalk and I figured out it uses a modified version of OpenWrt 12.
So is there a chance to build a normal openwrt firmware for this device?

Thanks for your reply!


The TP-Link RE-200 version 4 range extender is supported by OpenWRT by now!

If that would be true: Where are the OpenWrt images for the v4?

PR 3353 has been closed and merged into a staging tree, but this is not yet official OpenWrt support.

Yesterday there was a link to it on this page ( but now i don't see it

You mean the OpenWrt snapshot links shown here?

Those result in a 404, therefore I have removed them.