Is it possible to store uptime record?

As title says, it is possible to store my maximum ever router uptime, to see how long my little boy lasted before crash/power outages etc? No serious need for it, just for the giggles.

Sure, I record with SNMP.

You could also just write a script to login in and get it, etc.

collectd-mod-uptime as part of the whole collect infrastructure would probably do as well.

…time for the next upgrade (this device has never crashed on me, yet - so all restarts were voluntary (sysupgrade) or external (blown fuses during construction works or similar) :wink:

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That seems like it.
I'll see if I can make it work on my own, otherwise I'll be back here :grin:

The trick is just to store the collectd database on external storage (e.g. a USB stick), so the internal flash isn't killed off by excessive writes (in my case it's an internal 30 GB SATA SSD, of which I'm only using a few dozen MB anyways, the freedoms of x86_64).

Ok, the plugin seems to be working, however here I've seen this image
The "Maximum" stat at the bottom is precisely what I'm looking for, however on my router (like in your example) it only shows the average stat and I don't seem to have any setting to make it appear.
Any clue?

I've never looked into the uptime plugin that much, it's always been 'just there' (and before moving to x86, it's been rather nonsensical for me, as I never set up persistent storage for it before).

You might need to clear out your entire /tmp/rrd directory once you disabled that option as it will affect the structure of the database files.


Was going to write that I had just found it :smiley:
That said, is "Rows per RRA" basically giving me how much space will the database occupy in total?

I think I'll store it in the flash memory because I'm just curious about the uptime, I'll probably do a readout every hour or so hence the amount of data I write will be extremely small.

You may also have a look here in order to properly set your writing interval...

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