Is it possible to see absolute values in OpenWrt?

Instead of displaying short values like 144.15 K, is it possible to show full values like 14415000. Like in firewall I would like to see the values increasing but its hard to see if the value is too big and does not change often, like how many packets rejected.

For your specific iptables question, "-x" does what you're asking.
If you want this changed in LUCI, I couldn't comment.

Yes, I am talking about luci.

iptables-save -c
ip -s link show

I created a new issue on github, hopefully I will be implemented someday, its hard to analyze the details of certain values, like how many packets are dropped by the firewall. It shows the full value until it gets to 1000 packets after that its all short values like 4K packets dropped, I would like to see the absolute values in LUCI.