Is it possible to replace the wired network link with a WIFI link?

I use 2 * OpenWrt as a 2 Managed switch without problems

I would like to replace the wired network link with a WIFI link between the two boxes. Is it possible ?

the cable connection is vlan1 + vlan100

Yes it is possible but from what I understand, you cannot send vlan tags over wifi. One option is to use a VPN tunnel between the two routers. The other option is to have a unique ssid for each vlan. Since you only have 2 vlans I suggest the second option to avoid VPN overhead.


GRE or VXLAN are more light weight tunnels if you don't need a vpn tunnel.

Or use WDS if it's supported.


You could use a Homeplug pair as well.


what I want to do is not exactly replace but by adding an OpenWrt 2 box and without touching the programming of the first Openwrt with the VLANs that work very well with OpenWrt 1 & SG108E ( or also 2 * OpenWrt as in the first diagram ) :

for television, this must go through the VLAN100 because the TV box will look for its address in DHCP on the livebox 5 in

VLAN1 & VLAN100 <<< --- >>> WIFI ( VLAN1 & VLAN100 ) WIFI <<< --- >>> VLAN1 & VAL100