Is it possible to prohibit reverse IP resolution?

The web interface ../cgi-bin/luci/admin/status/realtime/connections is very slow when it is opened. I feel that it is a problem of ip reverse analysis. Is the ip reverse analysis prohibited here?

I don't know which version you are using, but there should be an Enable/Disable DNS lookups button on the right, just above the table with active connections. It is available in versions 19.07.8 and 21.02.1 and it is disabled by default.

The official version 18.06 is used, and there are no buttons on the web interface.

Try uninstalling rpcd-mod-rrdns or move away /usr/lib/rpcd/ 18.06 offers no button fir toggling reverse DNS.

There are still many packages that depend on this module. Is there a more elegant way?

Collected errors:
 * print_dependents_warning: Package rpcd-mod-rrdns is depended upon by packages:
 * print_dependents_warning: 	luci
 * print_dependents_warning: These might cease to work if package rpcd-mod-rrdns is removed.

 * print_dependents_warning: Force removal of this package with --force-depends.
 * print_dependents_warning: Force removal of this package and its dependents
 * print_dependents_warning: with --force-removal-of-dependent-packages.