Is it possible to make the WAN IP static?

I have my OpenWrt router on a Linksys WRT32X device (version 21.02.0) behind my ISP's cable modem/router. I can't disable DHCP on the ISP router and it's currently assigned my OpenWrt router the IP address of, for example. I am also unable to set static IP addresses from the admin panel in my ISP's router.

I would guess it's unlikely to change, but I was wondering if I could make it static from within OpenWrt so there's no chance for the ISP router to change it?

You can change it, of course. Go to Luci-Network-Interfaces, edit wan interface, change protocol to static from dhcp, add the address, netmask, gateway, and dns.
I would suggest to use an address outside of the dhcp pool of the ISP router, just in case.


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