Is it possible to install OpenWrt on Tp-Link WR841N V13.1?

hello friends, Today I want to install open wrt on TP-Link wr841n V13.1 (EU).
But I'm afraid my router will crash. Do I have all the features of the original firmware by installing this firmware?
Are the Wi-Fi & WPS/Reset buttons working properly? Or No :frowning:
I only have this router and I want to install Openwrt for VPN capability.
But for a few days now, I have been thinking about what to do if my router breaks down and no longer works.
Do you think I should do this or not?
My Router : TP-LINK WR841N V13.1 (EU) using TFTP recovery

It'll have more features, or at least the possibility to have more features :wink:
Keep in mind, VPN performance will probably be quite crappy.

Since you are able to use TFTP recovery, going back to stock FW shouldn't be too hard.


This is quite vague, especially given OpenWrt is extendable by installable software.

The button must be programmed/setup - those kinda things are off by default.

If it has enough flash space.

  • Your choice. It seems you need to learn a lil' more about OpenWrt to be ready after flashing.
  • I wouldn't advise if it's your
    • current router for Internet
    • the only router you have
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If I want to flash my router, how can I go back to the main firmware with tftp?

The same way as when you flash OpenWrt, it's also documented in the link you've been given.


Please explain to me.
Because the site says that the firmware should be edited. But I do not know


it says it have to be stripped if the name of the image contains the word boot,
and then it tells you how to do it.

Have you checked the images available for your router at TP-Link ?

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I do not know. Please check it out for me

Then you probably shouldn't continue down the OpenWRT road ...

I'm also out of toilet paper.


What should I do after removing the word "boot" from the firmware?

That is not what it says ...

  • in case the file name of this firmware file does contain the word “boot” in it, you need to cut off parts of the image file before flashing it:

The following method applies for the V1, V3, V5, V7, V8, V9, V10 and V13 since the bootloader is the same size.

An example of an image file with the word “boot” in it is wr841nv9_en_3_14_4_up_boot(131129).bin.

Cut the first 0x20200 (that is 131,584 = 257*512) Bytes from original firmware:
dd if=orig.bin of=tplink.bin skip=257 bs=512

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I Find Stripped Openwrt file for V13.
Now how can I revert to stuck frimware.

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Name: tp_recovery(TL-WR841N(EU)_V13_STRIPPED).zip

I downloaded this file .Now how can I revert to stuck frimware

Yup, it's right in there .... if you'd just bother and actually read it.

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Ummm, you've been told 3 times:

See Here

And Here

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Sorry I do not understand what you mean. Because my English is weak



we don't know your language, and the instructions given by us (in english) will be the same as the ones in the wiki anyway ...

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OpenWrt Site:

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