Is it possible to install OpenWrt on a Cisco catalyst 3560

I have an old cisco catalyst 3560 POE-8 and I am wondering if I can install openwrt on it because that device was roied along time ago and probably has security bugs in the stock firmware

If it's not listed in the ToH (it isn't), it's not supported. In general large managed switches like that tend not to be supportable by OpenWrty, as they tend offload the switching itself into the hardware switch fabric (for which there tend to be no drivers) and only have a completely underpowered SOC (both in terms of CPU performance/ flash/ RAM and their I/O to the switch fabric) for management purposes with their proprietary firmware just barely running on it.

8 ports is large ?

Yes and no.

There is virtually no hardware information about that device, as such I'm assuming a family relation to its bigger brothers.

Most hardware switches supported by OpenWrt are part of routers, this means 5+1 ports plus up to two internal ones (CPU ports), so basically 8 ports. For a device with 8 external ports, something larger is needed - some vendors cascade two 'router switches for that' (obviously creating a bottleneck), but you're more likely dealing with a stripped down 'larger' design.

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