Is it possible to install LEDE/openwrt on a Alcatel-Lucent I-240W-A?

Hello. I would like to install openwrt / LEDE on a Alcatel-Lucent I-240W-A. I cant find it on the TOH but there is an Alcatel-Sbell RG100A-AA. I found an openwrt wiki on it -> but its out of my comprehension level. I have flashed dd-wrt to a few routers without much trouble but i have only a basic understanding of networking and programming.
I live in Mexico City and there are many of these routers around for cheap or free. With the help of a local hacker space I would like to utilize them for starting a community mesh network; mostly as a small-scale example to help build support and funding for a more large-scale project. Any help on this front would also be appreciated.
(Im a first time poster, i hope this is well placed). Thanks!

Is there any other information i can provide / footwork i can do? Or is it just hopeless with my experience?