Is it possible to improve lag compensation and interpretation and reduce buffer to server using OpenWrt?

I feel the game is heavy not smooth and I have no time to react in fps games my ping is 90-150ms and I am using Adsl 2 plus I searched all over internet for fix for lag but I couldn't find any effective soluation is there something I can do or I just give up I know I am asking a lot😊 but I really want to enjoy online gaming. Thanks in advance

Install the QoS tools like sqm-scripts package and its GUI luci-app-sqm.

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Try to ping the servers (using a ping utility, not the game) when there is absolutely no other traffic in your network. That time is the best you are going to get, no matter what router you use, or how you configure it.


@eduperez, @hnyman... You may want to note the the OP has numerous threads on this topic...all slightly different titles...same inquiry (indicative by referring to a game...improper use of terms...references to server-side pseudo-measurements/pseudo-terms, noting features beyond OP's/client-side control, etc). Also in a previous thread...the OP already noted: also be aware the OP has more scripts, etc. running behind the scenes that they failed to mention.

You were advised in a previous threads to:

  • purchase an ISP connection for professional gamers
  • ensure you've connected to the geographically-closest server; and
  • there's likely little more to do

Nonetheless, at minimum, I think it's honest and genuine to note that you've posted multiple times before - then those responding to you could have historical context and not repeat what's already been suggested/attempted.

(It's never been mentioned; but perhaps the problem is client gaming computer itself!)


Thank you for your help the problem is in Egypt there is one company that I subscribed to it called te data which provides others companies with internet so If I changes to another company ex Vodafone I will still have the same problems so there is not much I can do and I have question can isp block packets fragmentation ?

Probably the best soluation is to connect ps4 directly to modem thanks for your help

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I tried sqm it fixed bufferbloat and ping spikes but not lag I think the problem is my isp doesn't allow packets fragmentation which is probably vital for online gaming

I highly doubt this...I've never heard of such a thing. In addition, it makes little scene that you want the ISP to increase your game latency by converting 1 packet into 2 packets - for no reason.

Your ISP isn't an endpoint, so it's not (usually) responsible for fragmentation - each endpoint handles this usually.

This would mean that no reply traffic would reach you...and it's impossible for you to send a packet out your WAN larger than the ISP's end of the this statement makes 0 sense as you note multiple times in various threads you're actually playing the game, albeit with so much lag you can't shoot your opponents before the move on the map.

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