Is it possible to have intermediate interface for vlan tunk(bond or dummy)

I am testing qos part and have struck with problem because of vlan setup.
Below is current setup:

eth0 -----> ethernet port to internet

~ # brctl show
bridge name     bridge id               STP enabled     interfaces
br0             8000.0000b4747900       no              ath0
br101           8000.0000b4747900       no              ath3
br102           8000.0000b4747900       no              ath4

so basic idea is ath0, ath1 , ath2 are untaged traffic but ath3 and ath4 are tagged traffic.

this create problem for qos using tc on interface eth0 as now traffic from ath3 and ath4 are divided on eth0.102 and eth0.103.
eth0 dont see all traffic anymore.
I have verified this with or without vlan and without vlan tc qos works but after vlan setting it dont work anymore.

so my idea was to introduce intermediate interface (bonding or dummy ):

br0 ---> eth0 ath1 ath2 bond0

br0.101 ---> eth0 ath3 bond0.101

br0.102 ---> eth0 ath4 bond0.102

is this solution feasible ???
what is suitable bonding or dummy interface ??
Any better solution for the problem ??

I believe you could create an ifb to "collect" eth0.102 and eth0.103. and instantiate your qos on that interface. That said, I would have guessed that qos with tc on eth0 should still work somehow... (but I have not tested that)