Is it possible to have both DHCPv6 stateful And SLAAC?

If I select DHCPv6 stateful + stateless all the devices gets IPv6 addresses including Android. If I select stateful all the devices gets the IPv6 except Android. I know Android does not have DHCPv6, I wanted to know if it is possible to have both stateful dhcpv6 and SLAAC?

Stateless DHCPv6: SLAAC is used to obtain reachability information, and DHCPv6 is uesed for extra items like DNS.
Stateful DHCPv6: Like DHCPv4. SLAAC is not used in any way.

So your answer is yes because "Stateless DHCPv6" is more or less SLAAC with additions. You can clutter your device with as many addresses you want. The question is more if it makes sense. If you have both I'm not sure which address devices prefer to use (if they have the choice). For Android it's clear.

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