Is it possible to emulate VLAN


I would try to test my Modem configuration on an "emulation".
Solution 1 : Build a X86 openwrt and use Virtualbox
Solution 2 : compile for my target R7000 (ARM) and use QEMU.

In both solution, my questions are :

  • Is it possible to emulate :VLAN-capable switch ?
  • How to connect equipment to generate trafic on the different port of the "embedded" swicth ?

Have you pointers for this problem ?


what specifically do you want to test?

I would like to test :

  • VLAN configuration
  • Associated network device configuration
  • Firewall and routage configuration
  • Then thes that configuration is compliant with the specification



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openvswitch : are you shure? I don't want an external switch to my network but a internal hardware compoment to my VM

When I create a QEMU or a Virtual Box VM, I define:

  • The code : openwrt
  • An ethernet port for the WAN
  • The memory
  • The USB port(s)

I would like to have in QEMU or Virtual box a "emulation" or a "simulation" of my R7000, so I must add an integrated 4 port switch, that accept VLAN.


I have not yet tried, but n the make menuconfig/network, there is an entry for openvswitch. This is probably what [anomeome] woud to explain to me.