Is it possible to create a 2.4GHz and 5GHz AP on the same radio?


I have an Atheros QCA9880 acting as AP. I am able to create several APs on the same radio device, but they are all eider only 2.4GHz or 5GHz, but not both frequencies at the same time. Whenever I switch one AP to another frequency the other AP switches too. From the OpenWRT "wireless" configuration file I can see that the frequency is set on the radio rather than the AP which would explain the switching behaviour. Is this design deliberate? Is a single WiFi device unable to host 2 APs on 2,4 and 5GHz at the same time? Or am I missing out on something?

Any insights are highly appreciated.

No, each physical radio is designed for and locked to a single band (not selectable) and a single (selectable) channel in that band.


No, you can't do so as Each Radio is locked to a single band and a Single Channel in that particular band.


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