Is it possible for show external IP from usb modem 4G in interface page?

Hi, everyone. I see when router run in PPoE mode, it can show correct my external IP address as in speedtest. But when i use usb modem 4g then router show my ip address ipv4 difference ip address show in speedtest. Is it possible config for it show correct ipv4 when use usb modem 4G like IP address show in speedtest ? Thank everyone.

Not really.

In contrast to traditional ISP connections, cellular connections are behind a (not so-) carrier grade NAT infrastructure, meaning your ISP typically doesn't assign you a globally routable IPv4 address at all (you only get a private IP/ cgNAT IP and share one external one with dozens/ hundreds/ thousands of other users). Your router can't really know the difference without relying on external resources to compare its WAN IP against that seen by an external server, while these mechanisms exist (e.g. for ddns IP checks), services apart from the ddns clients used to interact with these servers are not granted access (at best the ddns providers would block OpenWrt). That aside, the IP reported on your WAN really is the IP on this interface, everything else happens on your ISP's network - outside of your router's realm.

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If you need better than cgnat provides you can use a L2TP service. Here is an example:

80% time its the usual with 4G connections.
I´m lucky my isp provide public IP,s. Saved me time and money to connect my NAS, ipcams, etc. in a rural area.
Vodafone in some European countries gift customers with public ip also.