Is intel gpu drivers included in kernel?

Im using docker, some containers need hardware gpu acceleration. By default there is no /dev/dri on virtual machine. My question is" will be there /dev/dri if i start openwrt on real intel hardware(with integrated gpu)?

This thread may be helpful:

  • Did you install drivers?
  • What CPU?

Cpu that using now i3 6006u. Cpu that will be using in future celeron j4125

How to install drivers?

You don't need to install any drivers, i915 is already there.

For the purposes of running a router, what you get without doing anything is almost certainly good enough, you won't see any difference in cli output anyways. If you still want to install the optional firmware requested by i915 for this chipset, the thread referenced by lleachii has all the (detailed) information about what to do, the file names might differ, but that you'll see in the logs - BUT AGAIN, you don't NEED to do anything, it will just work™.

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I already know it. Around hour ago i tried rdp ubuntu with graphics acceleration in web gl and it performance same to windows without nvidia gpu.
Tested with webgl aquarium
P.s. 5000fishes 18fps

My bad - "firmware"

(old IT reference before I learned Linux - to refer to "anything needed to be copied/installed to make introduced/installed hardware work".)

Sorry but you need to translate my text:
Пост который мне предлагали я не понял. Не могли бы вы пошаговое описать процесс установки прошивки?
Ps. Только что был на ask Ubuntu и понял что DMC это всего лишь управление режимами питания но хотелось бы исправить это ошибку с прошивкой

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