Is HG8245H supported by OpenWrt?


I am trying to install OpenWrt on my HG8245H.

However, it’s hardware page on the documentation seems very incomplete, and does not list any firmware download URL.

Please advise.

I suspect that the support for that device was never really added to the OpenWrt codebase.

At the top of the page, you will see the following:
The HG8245 is currently not officially supported!

I would suggest that you consider picking up a router that is currently supported by OpenWrt (or you can always use VirtualBox or an x86 system if you want), although if you have the time and ability to help bring your HG8245H into supported status, I'm sure the devs would appreciate that help.

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OpenWrt does not support this device. That page contains just hardware information.

The CPU it is using is HiSilicon SD5115T and wifi is Broadcomm chipset. Modem is unknown but probably not the only modem chipset supported by OpenWrt. All three have very poor developer documentation and bad or missing open source drivers.
I think it is not likely it will be supported in the future.

I think, if you are using it as gpon / ont device to connect to optic internet, you cant do that. You cant flash / tinker with. Just request from isp to get it to bridge and connect what you want. (I have it too in bridge and using own router with openwrt

Huawei EchoLife series is an ONT (optical network terminal) which is usually provided for free by the ISP. Such device is almost always programmed to have a fixed SLID (subscriber line identifier) to work with PON connection. It is set by the technical staff when they install your connection.

I do not know if OpenWrt can support such feature. As suggested by the previous post, you should config this device to work as a mere fiber media converter, and bridge that link to one of the switch port. Put your router behind it and do PPPoE from there.

Do not expect any of the ISP provided routers to be supported. These routers are often based on some unpopular models, manufactured under a contract, have a lot of customizations, then renamed to some unknown brand / model. You can see that OpenWrt mostly support well known devices only.

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