Is cascading UPnP/NAT-PMP possible?

Hello everyone.

I have ISP provided router on which upnp/natpmp is active and works correctly. There is a web form in which the registered clients/ports are displayed and it contains expected values in different usage scenarios.

I have introduced openwrt router between ISP's router and the rest of the internal network (lan). Everything works nicely (so far).

I am trying to set up upnp/natpmp "forwarding"/"cascading" or whatever it would be properly called (if it exists as a possibility).
What I need is for openwrt to:
[1] accept upnp/natpmp requests from the clients ad dynamically set its own firewall for forwarding the ports dynamically;
[2] request the dynamic port opening on the ISP's router (to act as a client at the same time).

Openwrt router currently properly registers request from the lan clients and updates the firewall.
Is it even possible to automatically act as a client for the same requested ports over its wan port?

I don't know if I have managed to explain this clearly enough. Please let me know.

Thanks a lot in advance! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately no.

Easiest is to ask ISP to configure their router as "bridge" mode OR to setup your device as Access Point.