Is AWUS036ACH ALFA_Network working?

is AWUS036ACH ALFA_Network working with OpenWrt?
what to install?

I can't access

Wikidevi is down. See one of mirror

that card is rtl8812au

thanks for the input guys

Has it been working for you? I'm trying to get my rtl8812au to work in client mode but it's very unreliable. Scanning works only a fraction of the time and I wasn't able to connect to any wifi, both 2.4 and 5ghz bands. Both on trunk and 19.07.2. No errors or anything that helps me find the cause of it. Any pointers would be appreciated.

No I tried to get it as an AP, I couldn't get it to work, and I have no idea on how to troubleshoot it... :frowning:

Oh, AP mode will be more tricky as most drivers lack the proper support for it. I don't know what platform you're on but the best bet is to use a mini pci card with a well supported chipset for AP mode, either directly or with a converter card it can slot in.

its a raspberry pi.

Oh, that's going to be tricky to get pci going. But it is possible, would be nicer if Raspberry Pi exposed the pci-e lanes over some pins, but they don't. So you have to dive in deep.

I think your (and my) best bet is a MediaTek/MT7612U based card. Like the AWUS036ACM.

Amazon UK sells a clone of the Alfa for a tenner.

this would work as an AP?