Is Archer C6 v3.2 supported by OpenWrt?


I was told TP-Link Archer C6 v3.2 is supported by OpenWrt, but now I Am not even sure! I bought it in EU. Before I install it, can you tell me if it is supported?

Here is link to v3:


v3.2 = v3

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I have the Archer C7, and for me flashing with TFTP was the easiest to achieve. Web interface felt glitchie and failed a few times. Would recommend to use that method.

Haven't had any issues with the C6v3 when flashing via interface. Flashed about 20-30 devices. With the Archer C7 I used TFTP though, too.

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If you say so, it should be able to unbrick it easily as from what I read, usually then something doesn't work as intended tho, or is bugged... So I wanted to be sure!

How come there is not even checksum?

I downloaded OpenWrt firmware like after 2 weeks and both files have different sizes hmm, but file name is same, don't think it was updated.


All files located on the official site have their checksum displayed beside the link.


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If you DLed a snapshot, those files are (re)generated on a daily basis.

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Thank you i am new to openwrt, i thought it is just this site:

Browsing the link you posted for the web folder, you get:

See the checksums and enjoy. :smiley:

Still i am confused donwloaded from firmware selector gives matching sha256:

But downloading what should be same firmware from router site gives different hash:

And in firmware selector there is just archer c6 v3, not v3 (US) (BR) (EU) hmm...

They are 2 different images. A different checksum is expected.

I installed openwrt but I have no internet connectivity, i opened this site: but I have chronic pain, i am already way too overwhelmed!!! I didn't know how hard it will be to set up in advance. I can't even ping, i get: "bad address" and for next thing, it is not written there how to open: /etc/config/network. There are so many things I don't know where to even start! I got huge headache that i can't even read ATM...

I am sure it would come to some simple stupid thing, i just don't know where to even begin to look. What should I do first?

I use DSL modem in bridge mode connected to wan port on the router.

do you get an IP address on the wan port ?

if you're on windows, Winscp is the easiest way.

how was your connection set up in the past ?
were you using the same C6 router, running stock fw ?

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I don't think so, i was just there, i googled the issue and from the picture of wan interface (i assume it is the same thing i was looking at) there was no IP address!

Oh I have no idea what it is, I thought you are supposed edit config in openwrt web interface, not something through windows. I Am not sure if i will be able even to do that in this state, i might need to revert to default firmware for now...

Yeah, C6 default firmware.

you are, but then you don't need to know the file name ...

then compare the WAN MAC address in openwrt, with the one on the sticker at the bottom of the C6, do they match ?

I don't even know what i am supposed to do with that honestly as i got headache, i can't even read...

Yeah they do, tho WAN and LAN port have same mac address also and there is only 1 LAN, while I have 4 LAN ports.

then you probably don't need to do anything ...

in openwrt I assume ?

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yeah ddwdwdww

Is the LAN MAC printed on the sticker too ?

you should start by changing the LAN MAC, since it appears to be incorrect (bug?), they should never be the same.