Is a TP-Link CPE510 v3 "back-flashable" to OEM firmware?

I've got a two TP-Link 510 V3.0. Both are connected to each other through a 50cm wall and a distance of about 15m. They randomly lose their connection about once a week and the reconnect takes 5 - 20min.
I had the same issue with earlier versions two CPE510 but it was much more frequent, sometimes abut five times a day. I flashed them to OpenWrt but with OpenWrt both devices coudn't connect through the wall but just directly faced to each other lying on the floor. So I tried to flash them back to the original firmware by the web-interface, by TFTP and though the onboard TTL-serial, but all attempts failed. So I sold the devices with OpenWRT and bought the new 3.0 devices.
Having a dropping connection once a week isn't a big issue for me, but it would be nicer if the devices would run reliable. So I think I'd give OpenWrt another try, but I'd do that only if I know that there's a reliable way to revert flashing OpenWrt and return to the original Pharos-firmware.
So has anyone here such a device and can report that he already managed to flash the devices back to Pharos ?

Back to stock firmware procedure is described on

Worth mentioning:

It's highly recommended to place a switch between the PC and the CPE510. I have never been able to run recovery succesfully without the switch.

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I did try to flash my former CPE510 through a switch via Web-Interface and TFTP. Even flashing through the TTL serial line didn't work. So I like to hear from someone with actual experiences in flashing back this device and not just a howto.

While you're waiting, use the site search function.

You might find some "actual experiences"...

Common problems to reverting (for any device) -

  1. Wrong version

  2. Wrong region

  3. Firewall