Is 802.11s supported on Mango Dev kits with OpenWrt Kernel 4.4.60?

Hi, I recently purchased a few Mango Dev kits from 8devices for evaluation purposes. It comes with OpenWrt Kernel 4.4.60.

I am hoping to run a WiFi mesh network using 802.11ax. I am new to OpenWrt. I read that 802.11s works reliably with OpenWrt 19.07 and later. Will 802.11s work with the mango dev kits running kernel 4.4.60?

When I try to run the command "opkg install wpad-mesh-openssl", the output is "Unknown package 'wpad-mesh-openssl'"

With thanks

Kernel 4.4.60 sounds like a really early version of the deprecated OpenWrt 17.01 (from year 2017). When the 17.01 branch was retired in 2019, it was running kernel 4.4.194...

The ancient 17.01 will never have 802.11ax support from OpenWrt. If 8devices has somehow added it, great for you. (but I doubt it)

Some early 802.11s support should be there, but nothing about 802.11ax.

That package has been added in the 18.06 branch, but does not yet exist in the earlier 17.01.

You might need to ask the relevant questions from 8devices, as you are likely running their heavily modified version of OpenWrt,

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4.4.60 is the kernel shipped in QCA's proprietary QSDK for ipq807x, which is roughly based on OpenWrt but diverges in the most critical aspects considerably (kernel and proprietary wireless drivers). Please ask your distributor for support, we can't help you.


I will get in touch with 8devices. Thank you.

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