Is 30mbps fast enough hdd? [Solved]

Is 30mbps fast enough for usb2 hdd disk? Because im using mt7621dat router (tplink archer c6u) and i want to know can i get more or usb2 is bottleneck

32 megabytes per second is what I can also get through USB2 from a SATA SSD. Linksys E8450 here.

Yep, usb 2.0 is a bottleneck. But that is fast enough for minidlna)

30 MB/s, not 30 mbps
Yes it's the average for an USB2 device, yes it's bottleneck but it's enough for miniDLNA.

About bottleneck, can mt7621 use all juice from usb3 hdd? It can get around 80mb/s.

Given that USB3 has at least a maximum bitrate of 5 Gbps I doubt that the MIPS 7621 cam reliably saturate that, however real harddisks can not sustain such a high speed anyways, so I would guess in practice it should work reasonably well.

HP Compaq t5740w is that will be right for file server? Is that will be right for openwrt?

That thin client only has USB2 ports, so for faster serving you probably should use the SATA connector on the board instead of USB. That said the specs look not all that beefy, so it really depends what you want to use it for....

If you have more than 2 clients, look for something else. For 1 maybe 2 simultaneous clients it might be enough but also recommend internal sata interface as @moeller0 pointed out

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