Irqbalance and kmod-irqbypass, do they do the same thing?

Do the packages 'irqbalance' and 'kmod-irqbypass' accomplish the same thing? I'm setting up a new OpenWRT install on x86-64 and I'm trying to understand if I need both installed.

irqbalance package will help balance interrupts to multiple cores, so the workload is more evenly distributed instead of hitting a single core. See /proc/interrupts to get an idea of how balanced it currently is or isn't.

For irqbypass, it seems to be related to virtualization and passing physical devices via VFIO. See:

You might also want to benchmark irqbalance versus "Packet Steering", if you're gonna be pushing so much traffic through your interfaces that you're CPU bound.


Thanks for the response and the links.

When you reference the "packet steering" are you referring to 'software flow offloading' option?

packet steering