IPVANISH using OpenVPN in 19.07

I installed the two (openvpn and luciapp-openvpn) packages and uploaded the .ovpn config file from IPVANISH.
Now, where do i put my .CRT content (the key)?

  • Paste it in the "Section to add an optional 'auth-user-pass' file with your credentials (/etc/openvpn/IPVANISH.auth)" ?
    Or do i need to enter my username/pw in that section and place the .crt file somewhere in /etc?

Also, when pushing the start button nothing happens, not even after 60 secs.. no error message etc?

yes, add username & password to the other box you mentioned, if IPvanish requires it.

Upload any other additional files (eg. .crt) to /etc/openvpn folder.

Make sure to edit the uploaded ovpn section to include the full path to the username/password .auth file and uploaded .crt files. (eg. /etc/openvpn/???.crt

Have you set up the tun0 interface and firewall ?


Review also the 'alternative' openvpn guide/tutorial linked at bottom of the above wiki page if you prefer to use LuCI. It goes into a lot more detail than original wiki page imho.

thanks and yes was following that instruction.
Will try to upload the file via WINSCP (although perhaps the LUCi can be adapted to allow uploading via the interface?).

Got stuck at step 3 as OPENVPN did not startup.

removed the config as SSH did not work anymore in 19.07
now and got SSH access again.
loaded all files

still the OPENVPN does not start...

the key and config are in the folder, as well as the ovpn config..


To start it, you have to tick the Enabled checkbox
Then Save & Apply.
(Clicking on Start button alone may not have the desired effect)

If you still have problems, compare your IPVANISH.ovpn to the one below.

And post contents of System Log showing openvpn activity.

I don't use IPVANISH, but I retrieved

Your IPVANISH.ovpn file should look like this example:

dev tun
proto udp
remote dxb-c01.ipvanish.com 443
resolv-retry infinite

ca          /etc/openvpn/ca.ipvanish.com.crt

verify-x509-name dxb-c01.ipvanish.com name

auth-user-pass                 /etc/openvpn/IPVANISH.auth

verb 3
auth SHA256
cipher AES-256-CBC
keysize 256

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that setting is edited correctly as far as i can see.
But pushing the start button simply does not trigger any action as far as i can see in the System Log.
After login no VPN related actions seem to start.



Reboot router, and see output of
logread -e openvpn

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That should be in the /tmp folder correct?


Did you tick the Enabled checkbox
Then Save & Apply.

Did you create the tun0 interface and configure the firewall?

Just run command from command line.


So the startup takes much longer than i thought but it is running now!

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