IPv6 with PPPoE

I have a PPPoE connection to my ISP and I have some trouble setting up the IPv6 connection.

I have followed the guide from the OpenWRT IPv6 website and set up my router as described there.

Below are my configuration files for /etc/config/network and /etc/config/firewall:

Sadly, this is not working for me. I have an IPv4 connection, but the wan6 interface is not starting.

If I set the ipv6 option in /etc/config/network to auto, it successfully creates the virtual interface and IPv6 is working, but I cannot configure it (I mainly want to change the DNS server).

I have a Linksys WRT32X router, and I have tried this on 18.06.5, 18.06.6, 19.07rc1, 19.07rc2 and now 19.07, and I got the same results on all versions.

This is displayed on LUCI

The wiki says: use same ifname as in wan-section or "@wan". But the result above when using the same ifname doesn't seem right since the wan and wan6 interfaces have different packet counters. Shouldn't both use the ppp pseudointerface? I would try "@wan" as physical wan6 interface.
Edit: The text I referenced was in the section "native IPv6 connection" and not about ppp.

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Changing the ifname to "@wan" works! Thank you!

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