IPv6 with 6in4 with two prefixes - how to?

I need to configure a 6in4 tunnel with a /64 and a /48 prefixes. They can't be aggregated.

Note that the /64 is a different prefix than the point-to-point for the tunnel.

The IPv6 Routed prefix (option ip6prefix) seems to read only the 2nd line if I put them in 2 lines. So I tried both in the same line:

option ip6prefix 'prefix::/64 prefix::/48'

It seems to work, because if I do ifstatus interface-ipv6, I see both prefixes under ipv6-prefix.

However, under route, I still see only the route prefix::/64, not the other one.

Not sure if this is the problem, and it is a bug, or I should create some kind of "manual" route for the /48 prefix to be forwarded to the interface-ipv6.

Any hint ?

Replying to myself. I've reported this as a 6in4 package bug.

Setting up the routes manually works.

I configured mine as:
option ip6prefix 'my_48_prefix::/48'
option ip6addr 'my_64_prefix'

And it works perfectly.

I think you missunderstood my point.

  1. An address is not /64 as you indicated, and address is only 128 bits (from a 64 bits prefix)
  2. I've the same setup as you indicated and it works. The ipaddr is the point to point link address
  3. However I need one extra prefix. So to avoid you getting confused, imagine I've TWO different /48 prefixes.

I've checked it and it must be configured as option ip6prefix 'prefix1::/48 prefix2::/48 etc', but only the default router for the first one is created.

It is a bug.