IPV6 Wireguard work on local router not for client

my isp doesn't provide me an ipv6 support so i buy a vps and configured wireguard server on that vps.
then set up Wireguard client on my Openwrt Router . and use openwrt as gateway for my other client

now i can ping and traceroute any public ipv6 on diagnostic section after enable wireguard interface,

on my other devices are connected to router just ipv4 work fine and not supporting ipv6.
(my other devices use openwrt lan ip as gateway )
i think it need a rule to get that work

here my config. lan is my gateway

i installed 6in4 and vpn-policy-routing from software package but nothing change

Hello ezamos, based on the config you posted, I'm surprised that pinging any public IPv6 address works at all given that your router doesn't seem to have any public IPv6 address configured. Does your VPS perform NAT?

If your VPS provider allocates you a prefix shorter than /64 (e.g., /60 or /56) then a simple solution would be to use a portion of that address space on your router. This way, you could assign a /64 out of your range to your LAN subnet. The router then needs to use an IPv6 default route that points to the VPS and the VPS needs a routing entry for the prefix that you're using on your router.

Would that approach work for you?

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yes i use nat on my vps.
it was about using a ULA/48 prefix and after doing that everything work as i excepted.

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