IPV6 subnets on Comcast

I have a unique problems, that I am almost sure it is with my ISP. I am trying to have 3 separate subnets. This is because I have 3 locations with different users and requirements. I do not want to have one network. It took me along time but I almost got it working. I should say I had it working, However it seems that comcast are blocking my efforts.

I have a WRT3200ACM with LDE has my main router. It is connected through a comcast modem in bridge mode. I set to request a ::/60 ipv6 address. This works and I get delegated a /60 address. I then have 3 other routers to ask for a /64 from my main router. This works. It properly delegates separate subnets. Then all the other devices on each to those networks get a standard 128 with in their respective subnet. I get my gateway on all devices. I get a ULA address. All the addresses you should get.

But I get no connection. When I run a trace route, it shows each hope to my main router and then nothing. The strange thing is I can even DNS resolve IP address but I just cant ping them. I believe that it has something to do with comcast. They must not like me asking for a /60. It did work briefly when I first started but then stopped. I tried to clone a new MAC so to get a new IPv6 address but It won't connect.

I have tried everting. Checked routes. Disabled firewall. Nothing. I have trouble cloning MAC but that may be a conflict with hardware and software.

So everything works other then I can't get a ipv6 connection to the web. I will just stick with ipv4.

Can anyone else think of what is happening.