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I try to set static leases for my computer in OpenWRT. I entered IPv4 address ( and MAC address of my NIC and it works flawlessly. I also tried to set static lease for IPv6, so I entered DUID and IPv6-Suffix (100), but this does not seem to work as IPv6 addresses of my computer stayed the same as they had been before I tried to enforce static lease.

Any help would be appreciated!

  • What version of OpenWrt are you running?
  • Is your client DHCPv6 capable?
  • Did you set your client to DHCPv6 only
  • Did you disconnect and reconnect the client?
  • Did you restart the dnsmasq service on the OpenWrt?
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I am running 19.07.1 based port of OpenWRT (FriendlyWRT) on Nanopi R2S. My client, I believe is DHCPv6 capable (Windows 10). It is also shown (in LUCI) that there are two Active DHCPv6 Leases for my computer, but of course they are different than the one set in Static Lease configuration (suffix is for both of them 431 and not 100 as set). I disconnect/restart both client and router, the suffix for IPv6 addresses always stays 431.

Update to the status. I left computer on for few hours and when I returned the IPv6 addresses were as set in Static lease rule (suffix 100)

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Some clients require to manually perform DHCP release and renew, or reboot, or wait until the lease expires.

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