Ipv6 prefix priority (delegating two prefixes)

I receive two upstream IPv6 prefixs:

  • hurricane electric (static)
  • ISP: changes every few days

I'm successfully delegating both prefixes to clients and two routes to the internet. Ideally I'd rather have clients using the ISP's prefix rather than the Hurricane Electric and needing to go through an extra hop. Is there a good way to weight the default router announcement?

Why: I'm using HE to provide static, reachable from the internet, services inside my home network. But would prefer clients to reach the internet without going through a HE tunnel.

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It seems like you can simply stop handing out the HE addresses, then. Only use HE IPs to statically address.

I am also in this situation.

My ISP (ATT) provides dynamic IPv6 addresses. So I set up a 6in4 tunnel to HE. Now my devices get two IPv6 addresses, one starting with 2600 (from ATT) and the other starting with 2001 (from HE).

I want my devices to use the ATT's addresses for outgoing connections, but also serve HTTPS on the HE addresses.

Any help will be appreciated.

Use dynamic dns service for your att addresses.