IPV6-PD from ISP

First of all sorry because my english is not good at all.
From ISP I have an ipv6-pd /64, so is it possible if I have an client is Linux centos and I want to generate about 10 ipv6 /128 from /64 and add to centos network?
I tried but seem it's not work, do I need to config any thing on openwrt? Thanks

The smallest IPv6 prefix you can reasonably use, would be a /64 - dividing this up even further is technically possible, but comes with a lot of side effects (as in DHCPv6 and SLAAC not working and many other issues).

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Have you tried to get a larger range, /60 or /56? It's on Network -> Interfaces -> WAN6 -> Edit, down at the bottom of "General Options".

(The default is /64 because it's guaranteed to work - assuming ISP supports IPv6 - so if you want a larger range and ISP supports such requests, you must change it.)

Just a little bit on nitpicking and context...
A single /64 for the wan interface is no prefix delegation.
A "proper" or recommend way is to assign a /64 either with dhcpv6 or slaac to the wan interface and an additional /56 via dhcpv6 prefix delegation so the user can use 256 vlans. At least ripe NCC in Europe recommends this for ISP.