IPv6 not working on LAN


I reinstalled Openwrt and am using Stubby with this install (it is OpenWrt 21.02.0-rc4)

We have been attempting to get IPv6 to work, but it fails to allow LAN to get IPv6 addresses. The router however is allowed to get IPv6 and allows me to ping

All clients under it receive the message

kastilo@Red-OS-PA:/mnt/c/Users/Kastilo$ ping6 -c 10 google.com
ping6: connect: Network is unreachable

ISP is comcast


did the router get a /64 prefix only ?
you might need to change "request prefix length" on the WAN6 from automatic to a value. Try e.g. 56 or 60 or 62. "Automatic" does not systematically try, to get the best prefix.

@Pico & @vgaetera both suggested solutions seemed to have failed. The IPv6 connectivity is still not being assigned to local LAN, but the router does still have IPv6 connection

The issue was not with openwrt, but with xfinity's modem refusing to pass down ipv6, was resolved by them when the modem was replaced

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