IPv6 NAT config -- a tad confused

I said in my previous post, with great sadness, that my ISP assigned us a /128 IPv6, despite them owning a whole /32.

Thanks to @vgaetera , had a look at NAT6 and IPv6 masquerading, that I followed to the letter (and fixed the extra quoting in their uci ... sed ... sh commands). Up to "Extras".

Then, well, I need DHCPv6 so that "clients" all have a private IPv6 in a fc00:... range (defined in the ula prefix).
So, did the DHCPv6 part (adding a couple lines to the config).
But, some config was still missing. And of course it didn't work.
How the clients get their own IPv6 assigned? What length? And the server itself, lan side, didn't have its own IP set.

So, added the ip6addr and ip6assign lines and now it works (and I'm happy :slight_smile:

But, this is where I was confused, was that NAT64 install in Extras required?
Or should the wiki be updated?


The extras typically include optional parts for some specific use cases.
NAT64 is designed for IPv6-only setups, so you most likely don't need it.

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