IPv6 / IPv4 issues

Hi everyone - Recently, had my ISP move me over to IPv6 only, breaking IPv4 dependent things like VPN / Roku.

Can anyone share success or ideas getting IPv4 over IPv6 to work? How did you overcome & specific settings? Tried a variety of combinations, hours and hours pouring through forums, all to no avail. Troubleshooting networking things is not something I have much strength in.

Using a Linksys WRT1900ACS.


I'll take a look. I should have mentioned that my ISP is Sprint & not a hard line. It doesn't appear to have USA section but perhaps there is something that can be copied. Thanks for the lead.

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Most VPNs can work fine over IPv6 as well.

If that is true, I'm really at even more of a loss. If in a hotspot, it works fine. However, if in an OpenWRT based device, internet works but VPN will not connect.

It's best to contact your ISP and clarify which IPv6 transition method they are using:

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Spent quite a bit of time with their tech support; they dodged the question, no matter how I asked it & wouldn't tell me.

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Maybe they use NAT64, so try to resolve an IPv4-only site with DNS64:

nslookup github.com 2001:4860:4860::6464
nslookup github.com 2001:4860:4860::64

And then ping the returned IPv6 address.

Use a wireguard VPN to a VPS you rent in some cloud like digitalocean or Linode or such. Problem solved.

If Roku really needs ipv4 they are truly broken. But I doubt they do.

IPv6 only (NAT64 and DNS64) worked well for me when I ran it (about 2017), and FireTV or kindles or Android phones all were totally fine with it. At the time I fell back to dual stack because a few of my kids games didn't work well. But I think Minecraft works on IPv6 these days

Even though I have full dual stack IPv4 IPv6 address, I only run my network on IPv6. If possible for you get a raspberry pi and use it as a VPN server. This is what I do, even more secure than IPv4. Set a static suffix for your raspberry pi, add that suffix to your firewall and you are good to go.