IPv6 Gateway Problem...or alternative solutions

Hello I have a network structured as follows:


I was thinking I could simply change gateway to allow only some clients in the subnet to go on the internet through wireguard.

While this approach works perfectly with IPv4. It doesn't seem to work for IPv6.

Any workaround...or any better way to structure it?

You can do the same, but that means that you must set the IPv6 manually on that particular clients.

Hello @trendy I tried many different ipv6 manual confs...but none seems to work.
Also...one of the clients I would like to route has limited configurations options.

What exactly did you try? The client must have an IPv6 in the prefix of the ISP router and use the link local or the ULA of OpenWrt interface as gateway. I hope the firewall zone of the OpenWrt allows relevant traffic in.
Another variant is to send RAs from the OpenWrt instead of the ISP router.

To stop advertising the ISP router as an IPv6 gateway and advertise only OpenWrt.

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This seems to work. Big thank you.

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