Ipv6 for computer tethered to android

My laptop has a wifi whitelist, and a shitty wifi card. I found that if I connect my android phone via USB and enable tethering, the speeds are much better. However, when i do this, I don't get ipv6 on the laptop. My ISP gives /60 ipv6, which means that I should be able to create 16 /64 subnets. By default, all the devices in my network get a /128 ipv6 address. Is it possible to send a /64 to the android device, so that it can act as a router when I use tethering, which should in theory allow it to route a /128 to the laptop ? Has anyone tried this ?

IPv6 support on android is a bit challenging, to the best of my knowledge android still only supports SLAAC - while you'd need DHCPv6-PD (prefix delegation) for your plan to work out...

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Yes, it looks like this won't work. Not right now anyway. Found this:
Also this: