IPv6 Dynamic DNS with Joker.com

When I attempt to setup dynamic DNS using joker.com as the provider and selecting IPv6 I get an error that the service does not support this IP type.

However, according to the page below, they do.

See DYNAAAA record on the page above.

Do I need to suggest an enhancement? Bug fix?

Where do you see this error? In Luci?
What is the output of uci export ddns ?

Yes, in LuCI.

"uci export ddns" is not helpful because I need to create the service:


Clicking "Create Service" doesn't do anything in this state.

It you directly update the DDNS servers from your router it will only add the IPv6 address of your router and NOT the IPv6 of your devices since they get their own unique IPv6 addresses. It is a very bad idea to expose your router on the Internet since it will be under constant attack.

@openwrtforever That has nothing to do with the inability to add IPv6 DDNS service with Joker.com as can be done with afraid.org. Since the router IS on the Internet, it is under constant attack anyway. Having a DNS entry that points to the router does NOTHING to change that.

From what I can see in the wiki IPv6 is not supported for joker. If they added it recently, some developer should be notified to enable it.

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