Ipv6 dhcp server dying

Dear all,

my DHCPv6 server keeps dying.
How would I be able to debug this?

My setup:

Xiaomi Router AX3200
OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r21682-720b243171 / LuCI Master git-22.361.69865-deed682

Yet again, there is not a single Lease time remaining. All DHCPv6 Leases read "expired".

DHCPv4 is working fine. Just DHCPv6 acts up.

The system log doesn't show any useful information.

Anyone able to give me a hand?

Kind regards,

Information about your prefixe(s) would be helpful (i.e. where do.ypu get your IPv6 addresses from).

My provider gives me a /56 network of which the router receives a /62 Prefix Delegation.
Additionally, the router hands out a ULA.

Actually, I just recently switched routers.
My former Archer C6 never showed such behavior. My new Xiaomi AX3200, however, kinda freezes DHCPv6 after a while.