IPv6 configuration help for German ISP Pyur

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I have a fiber internet connection with GPON. So I have a media converter given by my ISP and am plugging my router to the LAN port of it.

I use raspberry Pi 4 as router and I am happy with it.

Unfortunately I am trying to configure IPv6 and could not get it running since months. I need it, because I don’t have a public IPv4 address and I have to connect to my home network by VPN.

For now I let the configuration at default, have a WAN interface for IPv4 and a WAN6 interface for IPv6. It is set to DHCPv6 client and I am getting a prefix as well as other IPv6 addresses, but I can’t use them.

Does anybody here have the same ISP with GPON/Media Converter and knows how to properly configure it to get it running?

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Mind to explain? What does not work? (Pyurs ipv6 network is also kind of buggy :weary:)

I can’t make requests by IPv6, it looks like the first network reached by me over IPv6 is just blocking my request, since tracert shows that I cannot make outgoing requests. It just ends at my router.

Or the configuration PŸUR has is wrong. But PŸUR is not helpful since they don’t know how to configure it, I am in contact with them for months and they just don’t know.

Relates to the horror story of a friend of mine. After months back and forth with them he got a prefix but it seams to be not properly routed. He ended up by using a tunnel from HE. (From a personal experience with their business and Datacenter offering I just can say, don't touch them with a 50 m pole :/)

I would try with their router first, and check that it routes IPv6 properly; perhaps their are still "experimenting" with IPv6.

You need a public IPv4 address to create an HE tunnel, and OP does not have one.

Oops. Missed that detail. Then @BdmRt could go with a VPS and terminate there...

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My friend told me he was also not able to reach his prefix from the internet because somewhere within pyurs network it got blackholed or however never reached his router. (I don't want to kick a dead horse by this ISP is not good on so many levels.)

I did not rent their router since I need to pay monthly for it. But I got a fritz box just to confirm it does not work, and it did not work either. They say if I rent their router it will be somehow preconfigured and work, but I don’t get why I should do that and somehow I am not sure it will run fine.

In the end I still want to use my openwrt router. I already had a very long conversation with a helpful Reddit user, but it ended with the ISP being blamed and that I should just tell the ISP. But as I mentioned it is still ongoing and maybe will never be fixed for me.

I shared some routing data here, if anybody with more knowledge can figure out the problem:


Install tcpdump on your router and monitor IPv6 packets on the wan interface. Use an external site such as https://dnschecker.org/ping-ipv6.php to ping your wan interface's IPv6 from outside. You should see the incoming ping and a reply from OpenWrt. Then also try this with IPv6s in your prefix.

The default settings will work for an ISP that complies with standards and issues a /60 or larger prefix to the customer. Your LAN PCs should have SLAAC or DHCP configured themselves with public IPv6s within the prefix.

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