Ipv6 causes ipv4 to sorta not work

I am using OpenWRT on a Linksys-EA8300. I was using an Asus AC66U router, before it started messing up. With the older router I would get a native ipv6 address. With OpenWRT WAN6 will just give Network device not present.
If I add a 6in4 interface with a tunnel from he.net, it seems to SORTA cut off ipv4 and ipv6 tests will still say I am not using ipv6. By SORTA, I mean, I can still access sites but can no longer ping sites. Once I remove the ipv6 tunnel, everything goes back to normal.

Perhaps you could share your config files.

Looks like your IPV6 tunnel is not coming up, possibly because your local endpoint is not known to he.net.
At least, when ddns fails to update here this is what happens.
Anyhow as @eduperez says... configs, please :slight_smile:

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I left out my Wireguard info because of the keys, but shoudn't apply. Seems my ISP can do 6rd and it does give me a valid ipv6 address but also causes my IPv4 to go funky, meaning can't ping sites and things like IRC doesn't work because it uses IPv4 only(I assume is why)

Ok Seems I got he.net's tunnelbroker to sorta work, but ipv6 tests doesn't show I am using ipv6, so it seems maybe now a routing issue? I can ping ipv6 and do traceroute on ipv6 sites. So that is something..

Not sure how to fix it where it shows my ipv6 address on tests and on IRC.

  • Where are the HE configs?
  • Do you get a prefix on DHCPv6?
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  • I was asking about WAN6....do you get a Prefix Delegation, though?
  • Do you allow ping from the HE check server?
  • Have you assigned an IP from your /64 to LAN?

I decided to reset my router and now I get a native ipv6 connection. Thank you and the others for helping me anyway

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